Quartermaster Announcement: Andrew Manning


Andrew Manning started his career in scouting at the age of 11 when his grandfather encouraged him to give it a try. Andrew flew through the ranks of Scout, Tenderfoot, First and Second Class. Andrew says that he got his drive from his grandfather, “and after he passed away, there was a real drive to finish everything up that I started since he never got the opportunity to continue scouting.” After earning the rank of Eagle, Andrew sought out further adventure in each branch of scouting since they were each unique and filled with new skills and adventures.

Andrew found the Sea Scout Ship Gryphon and began his pursuit of Quartermaster. Andrew grew through our program and continued to learn the skills necessary to become an outstanding leader and team player. Andrew gained the ranks of Apprentice and Ordinary in his first few years aboard the Gryphon and powered through his Able. On March 4th, 2016 Andrew Manning was awarded the rank of Quartermaster with an audience of his peers and family.

Andrew says that his scouting career has helped him become who he is today and we couldn’t agree more.

“Scouting has helped me become a more responsible, goal oriented, dedicated leader with lifelong skills and memories that will benefit me throughout my life. The many lessons I’ve learned and the many mistakes I’ve made have given me the opportunity to become the person I am today.”

Andrew has also earned the rank of Venturing Silver, the highest rank in Venturing which makes Andrew an incredibly rare scout. This summer Andrew is going for his second cruise aboard the Training Ship Golden Bear from the California Maritime Academy and will continue his education at the Academy. After school, he wishes to sail aboard an offshore merchant marine vessel and hopes to earn an unlimited tonnage master mariner’s licence. A fitting tribute to his grandfather we think.

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