Our Program

The Beginning

The Sea Scout Ship Gryphon was formed by leaders and crew from the Sea Scout Ship Belmonster in 1979. The ship number 33 had been used by another Sea Scout Ship that became inactive during the mid-1970’s. The name Gryphon was selected by the crew; The spelling of Gryphon is from Egyptian mythology, where the mythical creature was a symbol of nobility and strength. Coincidentally, the Griffin spelling denotes Greek mythology where the creature was a guardian of Zeus’ gold.

The Past

The Gryphon has had four skippers in her history. Glen Meskimens tenure began in 1989. On his watch, the Gryphon adopted many of the traditions of the Sea Scout Ship Challenger, Skipper Meskimens first ship, where he earned his Quartermaster and later became the Skipper. In 1993, Mike Marzano (whose first skipper was Meskimen aboard the Challenger in the early 1970’s), became the Gryphons fourth skipper.

On May 30, 2003 the Gryphon received the Boat U.S. National Sea Scout Flagship Award, the highest honor in her history. The National Flagship Award recognizes the top Sea Scout Ship in the country for excellence in program quality, youth achievement and adult commitment. And though our brain may be like a bird’s, this honor will live indefinitely in the memory of the Gryphon.

The Present

In 2016, Jason Lawrence, a Gryphon alumnus, took over as the skipper. The Gryphon is part of the Pacific Skyline Council, B.S.A. and is an all-male ship for young men ages 13-20. Many Sea Scouts have proudly been part of the crew of the Gryphon over these years, and we are always welcoming new members and look forward to making leaders out of today’s youth.

If you are at least 13 years old or have finished the 8th grade and would like to learn about boats, go sailing, and cruise the San Francisco Bay, then please email us at contact@sssgryphon.org.

Learn More about Sea Scouts: http://seascout.org/recruiting-and-retention/5-join-sea-scouts