Glen Meskimen 1945 – 2016

Glen Meskimen 1945 – 2016


Today, we have some sad news about one of our own. Glen Meskimen, Quartermaster with the Sea Scout Ship Challenger and a past skipper of the Sea Scout Ship Gryphon has passed away. Glen Meskimen was a mainstay in Sea Scouting; he began his Sea Scouting career in 1960 as a crew member, then Boatswain on the Sea Scout Ship Challenger where he would eventually earn his Quartermaster and become the Skipper. After managing a change of leadership for the Challenger he was called back into service to help resurrect the program of the Sea Scout Ship Gryphon, where he brought many of the traditions and leadership that he learned in his time with the Challenger.

Glen has continued to be a contributor to Sea Scouting as a mate and committee member aboard the Gryphon and as the past Commodore of the Western Region. By and large, Glen was always ready to help the program that has transformed so many youth into leaders of tomorrow. Among his many accomplishments are Quartermaster, the Award of Merit, and the Silver Beaver. Glen’s first rate leadership has helped mold the next two Skippers of the Gryphon and the ship continues to deliver the excellent program that he put in place.

Glen was the model Sea Scout who dedicated his life to the love of sea and Scouting.  He will be missed dearly.

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Red Skies Glen

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