Gilliland's  Island
Lighter Moments on the Gryphon

Sure, we're picking on the XO, but a guy with a name like "Gilliland," who hangs out with a guy called "Skipper," how could we not?

The Executive Officer's "Nixon" Salute.

Photo by Katie Hagen, May 2001.







Sea Scouts and Photoshop...  

...and Sea Scout on Engine Watch...

 Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil.

Photo by Garrett December 2002.




This was supposed to be a serious  uniform inspection.


Photo by Justin Lawrence, November 2002.

Posing for a future campaign shot and getting ready to torture the masses with a speech...

Photo by Mike Marzano



The Skipper

Photo by Josh Gilliland, June 1995


The Boatswain



The Engineer




The Breadman.


Photo by Matt, January 11, 2003.


Johnny Appleseed.

Photo by Matt, January 11, 2003.

The Mid-1990's, The Disco Era of the Gryphon  

The "Dance Lesson" at the NQMA Advancement Training.


Photo by Josh Gilliland, February 1996.  

Photo by David Vallerga, September 21, 2002.



Nap time.


The Captain's Palm Tree.



"Think Skip will notice?"